Tuesday, January 3, 2017

January Edition: The Ultimate Events Happening Soon

In collaboration with The Darnell Works Agency, imagemaker Tommy Ewasko is very proud to contribute his original photograph to promote CES 2017.

From DWA principal Roger Darnell: "With each new day, you can guarantee that some very bright people are planning get-togethers designed to have massive impacts for everyone involved. The settings can be musical, artistic, creative, academic or business-focused; these are events you hear about before saying, 'that sounds awesome,' and 'sign me up.' This actively researched and updated blog series is my answer to helping people learn about ultimate events on a timely basis."
Also, be sure to check-out Google’s top ranked guide to CES parties here: http://cespartylist.com
Upcoming Events
. 3-4 Jan. | AT&T Developer Summit, Las Vegas: https://devsummit.att.com
. 4 Jan. | Tech.Co CES Startup Night, Las Vegas: http://tech.co/events
. 5-9 Jan. | CES, Las Vegas: https://www.ces.tech
. 5 Jan. | ReadWrite CES Smart City Happy Hour, Las Vegas: http://readwrite.com/events
. 5-9 Jan. | Virtual Reality Festival, Las Vegas: http://www.virtualrealityfestival.com
. 8 Jan. | ReadWrite Smart Cities Hackathon, Las Vegas: http://readwrite.com/events
. 9-13 Jan. | UC Berkeley Advanced Media Institute Visual Storytelling Workshop, SF: http://bit.ly/2i3Slyw
. 16 Jan. | MLK Day: https://nationalservice.gov/mlkday
. 17 Jan. | Ad Age IQ Conference: Marketing & Technology, NYC: http://adage.com/events
. 17 Jan. | Digiday Video Awards Gala NYC: http://digiday.com/event
. 18 Jan. | Luxury FirstLook, NYC: http://bit.ly/2hLfIAT
. 19-29 Jan. | Sundance Film Festival, Park City: http://sundance.org
. 27-28 Jan. | Meteoriti, Siena, Italy: http://meteoriti.org

Featured Video: Whoa Defined from CES.

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