Sunday, February 21, 2016

Presidential celebration for Battleship IOWA

From: Tommy Ewasko
Subject: Presidential celebration for Battleship IOWA

Thanks to Andrew Bossenmeyer and Vantage Strategic Marketing, I had a chance to participate in the historic 2016 President's Day celebrations at the Battleship USS Iowa museum in San Pedro, California. It's the only battleship museum on America's West Coast, and on President's Day, the public was invited to commemorate the ship's 73rd birthday. Throughout its history, the USS Iowa hosted numerous presidents onboard, and as you can see, organizers seized this occasion to recreate some of its glory days honoring the likes of Franklin Delano Roosevelt and General Douglas MacArthur, among many others.

The Battleship IOWA Museum opens at 10am every day except Thanksgiving and Christmas. Learn more here: http://pacificbattleship.com

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