Monday, November 30, 2015

December 2015 Desktop Calendar

Featured Image: "Snow Nightfall" Park City, Utah, by imagemaker Tommy Ewasko.

Tommy writes: "My favorite professor at Rochester Institute of Technology, Wes Kemp, answered a question with a question one day, and it affected me forever. On that day, a fellow student complained, 'Aww, why give us an assignment that has been photographed a million times?' Prof. Kemp replied, 'Yes it has, but have YOU ever photographed it?!' Park City has been a destination for me since 1980, and I had never really tried to visually explain the phenomenon of the large snowflakes that fly to earth in the night to provide the abundant beautiful powder. So, on the way in from the airport, I studied the weather; a 6 p.m. snow was being forecast. Armed with the equipment and arriving a bit early, I was in the right spot outside of the Park City Resort base lodge. The math for the exposure went through my brain as twilight set in quickly. My Nikon did not let me down — even in the conditions. In the morning... oh, boy: PC powdah!"

We hope you enjoy this December image selection from brothers Tommy, Bill and Tony Ewasko and their united businesses, Ewasko Studio and Aloma Printing. Please contact Tommy(at)ewasko.com to request your copy of their newest spectacular wall calendar.
Click the image above to download a high-res December 2015 calendar for your desktop.