Thursday, May 28, 2015

June 2015 Desktop Calendar

Featured Image: "Purple Majesty" Key West, Florida, by imagemaker Tommy Ewasko.
Tommy writes: "One of my favorite locations ... Key West, Florida, is the exotic temptress of the American seascape, and a world-renowned travel destination. For a visual treat after you visit the haunts of Ernest Hemingway, stroll down to the galleries and shops of Old Town, navigate to the best slip location in the Keys and wait for the low light level at dusk. Soothing reflections and cool color coat the water, while sleek crafts stand ready. I just was happy to be right there appreciating the scene. Whew! Aesthetic, illustrious, exotic Americana!"
We hope you enjoy this June image selection from brothers Tommy, Bill and Tony Ewasko and their united businesses, Ewasko Studio and Aloma Printing. Please contact Tommy(at)ewasko.com to request your copy of their spectacular wall calendar.

Click the image above to download a high-res June 2015 calendar for your desktop.

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