Sunday, March 11, 2012

Tribute to James Sweet

Former Ewasko Studios assistant James Sweet was laid to rest at the First United Methodist Church in Weimar, Texas, on August 28, 2011.

Soon thereafter, Tommy shared these notes from his last road-trip with James.

...I shot some really nice images of him on the our last days together. We were trying to make tracks at a high rate of speed in Brian's car to get well ahead of Brian so I could shoot.... The light was incredible and getting better every instant.

I kept spilling James out of the car in the middle of nowhere .. from Texas to Cali. In these images we are south of Fort Stockton (nowheresville absolutely nothing for hours...). I was saying, "Look at the light, James! Get out and let's shoot!" He yelled, "What do we shoot?"

I said, "The light, the glow, the starkness, desolation, the car we are driving... shoot something in this glorious light on this clear day with no pollution anywhere around us -- it's America damn it!"

I remember him sitting in the car after it was pitch black and he reviewed his images and sobbed, "Thank You Tommy... this is what I needed to get back to my craft and my passion.

"Thank you!"

I felt that I was going to lose him the whole trip across the country and when I dropped him off in San Fran I drove away after I hugged him. I looked in the mirror and said out loud to myself in the car, "I wonder if that is the last time I ever see him alive."

May he rest in peace.

Tommy Ewasko, Imagemaker
aka Travelin' Joe

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